Episode 1 – Where It Began

Welcome! This is a journey of my wife, Rachel, and myself, Parker. To say we are happy is an understatement. We are in love. We spend as much time with each other as we possibly can.

Even with that though, we have drifted apart and we recognize it. We have made mistakes (okay, I have made mistakes) and are trying to find our way back to each other.

This is just the beginning. The journey is a long road. Maybe you’ve come out on the other side and can celebrate and learn, a constant reminder of what happens when you don’t put your relationship first. Maybe you’re going through it right now and struggling to figure out how to put your relationship back together. Maybe you’re early in your relationship and this will help ensure you’re keeping your significant other where they belong, at the top of your priority list and at the top of your mind.

Or maybe you’ve gone through this before and lost it all. We hope we can help you grieve and learn for the next time that love strikes.

We look forward to you joining our journey. It’s the first episode. Things will be rough. From a personal standpoint and a technical standpoint. We’ll keep getting better. Together.

Thanks for listening!


Feel free to leave your thoughts, questions, and concerns!